Firma Jubilerska GRAMET Tadeusz Modlasiński

Company description:

The jewellery company Gramet concerns with production of silver necklaces, production of necklaces to the needs of customers from material supplied by the client. We also offer the products of costume jewellery, i.e. locks, endings, grommets for necklaces. The company owns its modern production fleet for necklaces production and also machines for treatment processes, e.g. flattening or diamond machining.

Our products:

  • Contact details

    Address: Firma Jubilerska GRAMET Tadeusz Modlasiński
    Częstochowska 7a
    Kłomnice, 42-270, Poland
    Telefon: Tel. +48 (34)3281085
    Fax +48 (34)3298140
  • Business hours

    Monday umownie
    Tuesday umownie
    Wednesday umownie
    Thursday umownie
    Friday umownie
    Saturday closed
    Sunday closed

Our products:

  • Stainless steel jewellery

    Stainless steel jewellery - we are a direct importer of hypoallergenic modern jewellery made of stainless steel type 316L and unique jewellery made of Italian glass MURANO called Venice Glass on the Polish market.

  • Production of silver chains

    Production of silver chains - we produce and sell a variety of silver chains as the finished product, and as semi-finished chains by meter. Offer also includes production of chains by meter from the supplied material.

  • Production of silver devotional articles

    Production of silver devotional articles – our offer includes a sale of a wide range of crosslets, medals, silver and silver plated rosaries, finger rosaries and with a natural amber. We supply shops and sanctuaries in the country and abroad.

  • Silver costume jewellery production

    The jewellery company Gramet is the leading producer of silver costume jewellery of the highest 925 quality. In our offer there are several tens of necklace models in finished appearance or as a semi-finished product for further processing.

Contact persons

  • Robert Knysak

    Telefon: +48 510 110 770
    Fax: +48 (34) 329 81 40
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